by Haki


Haki Chicago, Illinois

A rock and rollin' chicago- based musical group.

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Track Name: Dull
I am ready to die and I've never been happier.
I am ready to die and I've never been happier.
Track Name: Weigh Me Down
You can't weigh me down
You can't weigh me down
You can't weigh me down
You can't weigh me down
There's no god inside me
Don't think you can pray
Exploit them all but not yourself
You can't get away with this
Put me on a scale and weigh me down
Put me on a scale and weigh me down
Put me on a scale and weigh me down
You've been in my head
Let's keep the story short
Watch them play with fire...
Burned and died as liars
Track Name: Wolfie
Chicago is hell

We've got a taste for the best disease
We've got a mind full of flies
We've got another reason to plead
Out of the question to suffer sanity
We've got another riot to lead
Take the time you need and cry, and cry, and cry, and cry,
Come with the blind and the deaf, come fire, iced, and hot mess
Don't be afraid
Of the bleeding
Come with the blind and the deaf
Come fire iced, and hot mess
If you are who you say you are
You shouldn't run away from a wedding in the rain
Track Name: Tortoise
You say that age is not a number
Lay all your troubles with me
You swore,
You whore,
Go home.
Track Name: Interlude 3
Nothing I can do but wait.
I'll never go.
Track Name: Pass The Hat
These are put in here
To be remembered
and to be forgotten;
With a smirk on her wall.
And paints clear drip,
I wanted to remember
I could not hear
Because my head was killed
We want to be seen
But we can never be heard
We say we know
when we really don't
Our morphed thoughts
Of medicine,
Food for thought
Not pretty girl,
I want be pretty
She is so far from me
She's so far from me
Put my mouth in a box,
Medicated relapse
A nothing with morals
a true story with legs
Track Name: Big Nothing
Are you taken by the wind?
Seems to be the stone crushing on me.
How do you switch from feather to blade
You seem to be a big nothing
Hey hey hey don't go away now
How much does it hurt you?
Hey, I already heard you
You should've just lied to me,
It's all one big nothing.
Track Name: Phone A Friend
Run me over
Smile with your loathing stare
Run me over,
smile with your loathing
stare, me down
It's your problem now
I have no sympathy for you you're too used to
wasting me
You know you lied
You know you lied
Put yourself up there pretty high
But what we see
Is misery
and hatred
Pass me by,
Pass me by,
The songs the same
You we're in a different room
My friend-
Track Name: I Love Chocolate But I Love You Too
My mama always told me to lock the door
but my mama was a guessing whore
That red house, with the light on the porch
She was in awe
and we all said hey
What's it gonna be?
What do you see?
I see the porch light on the floor.
Unlocked knives
His eyes, they do light up
Under the stairs
They were in the drawer
He's not no fool
He can barely stand it.
He tells us all to take our clothes off.
Under the closet door,
Oh it's not an option,
It's no option for us,
Under the closet door.